Thursday, January 12, 2006

day one of plan a bust

but i swear it's not my fault! i am still AT WORK!!! man, what a shitty week. as it turns out, my lethargy and bad mood are doe to a bit of early onset PMS. UGH. anyway--plan shifted forward by two days. work is too nuts this week to get out of here at anything like a good time, so i am going to get started with the exercising thing on saturday.

the food, however, is mostly under control. yesterday was great--i made oatmeal for breakfast and had that with half a banana and some 1% milk. for lunch i had some food catered in from neomonde--healthy lebanese fare that tastes great. and for dinner i made meditteranean chicken stew--it's been a while since we had that. today i made cheesy eggs and had half a grapefruit for breakfast and then ate a small amoung of catered indian food for lunch--avoided the rice and bread entirely except for about 3 spoons full (spoonfuls?) of rice pudding. i will also be having indian for dinner as i have leftovers and am on my own. not as good as yesterday, but not god-awful or anything. yay for restraint.


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